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You sigh, then, and put this problem to rest, or rather, this problem to your mindAnd so, you continue reading the letter. Dursley,Thank you for the kind offer that I am truly appreciative of it. And I am also glad that I finally have the right words to respond to you. I am sorry that I had to come to this conclusion, but I think the only way that I could do it, was to go through the whole process of coming to a conclusion on this story. I have felt that the ending of this story was not completely correct, and I was going to keep this idea for a while, just so I could get your help. But, I think that this story is a very depressing one, just because I think that this is just a sad story. I know that you had to put up with a lot of things, both your family, as well as the whole world around you, but even with all that, you stayed the same old Vernon Dursley. I wish that you could have seen that there is someone better for this world. I know that you probably would not have changed anyway, but I wanted to write you a message of hope that you can still turn all this around. I know that things could have been much different, if you had had a better chance to change things. I know that I was not able to change things, but I still hope that I can do it in some small way, through you. You have helped my life so much and I believe that I could have still not made the right choice if it is not for your encouragement. At least you knew where you stood with her. Maybe youd get that chance of a lifetime in the near future. You decide to keep writing the letterYou continue to write the letter. I want to take a second to apologize, as I was thinking that Im never going to be able to tell her exactly what went on.

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