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List of The following people who were born in the U. Ana Mardoll is a professor at the School of Public Health and Director of the Centre for Global Health at the University of Ottawa. I am delighted to join the board of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. This powerful, international medical organization, with the support of many leading Canadian scientists and physicians, is working to protect the safety of the worlds nuclear stockpile and the health of its people by bringing attention to the real dangers of the use of nuclear weapons. Those who possess them, and those who do not, have not signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, a treaty, ratified by 122 states, which forbids this type of weapon. Rummel has documented in his excellent book, Nuclear Weapons: The Last Resort, the nuclear bomb is the only weapons system that can be used with confidence to destroy both military targets and a substantial portion of the population of a target country. 2 Nuclear weapons are devastating weapons of mass destruction that should be abolished as a part of the disarmament process. For the last five years now, the organizations international advisory board has been meeting in Geneva to consider the dangers of nuclear weapons, and to examine the best ways to bring about change. 3Although this organization is now more than a decade old, its recommendations should be acted upon much faster than before. The number of nuclear weapons in the world has tripled since the 1970s. A recent study by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists showed that more than a third of the worlds nuclear stockpiles are in the hands of eight countries, including India, Pakistan and North Korea, with India planning to double its nuclear weapons stockpile. 4 At the same time, the use of these weapons have drastically increased in these same countries. In the last few years alone, the United States has detonated four nuclear devices in the Middle East and Asia, in addition to its tests in Nevada and Alaska. The Russian government has recently demonstrated new, more powerful missiles that could reach the United States. 5 As the world is being threatened with nuclear annihilation by countries whose own weapons could kill us all, a movement for international disarmament is growing. It is high time to begin to reduce our nuclear stockpile through the gradual elimination of these weapons.

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