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With any luck your friends might know what you are. Everyone who knows you is probably unhappy with you, and your attitude toward her probably makes you look like the jealous kind who keeps his ex-girlfriend on a tight leash. You get the feeling that youre only popular because youre an envious jerk. But you do have a few fans though. Youre not sure how much their admiration for you is real and how much its just because they like you. Youre just glad they keep sending you their snapchats, you dont have many. You continue to keep your distanceIf you keep your distance youll never be popular, and youll always feel like an outcast. You cant afford to worry about your image, because it wont ever matter anyway. For a long time, you ignore her when she texts you, but sometimes she does get the hint. Then she starts texting a lot, trying to meet up in person at the local coffee shop with you. If youre really lucky, shell start coming to your house. You have to go back and forth from the house to check if her car is here or there, and when she does show up, you have to keep your distance. You continue to ignore herShes too far away. You dont even dare to think about her name. Just being near her makes you feel bad about yourself. You do your best to make eye contact with her when she does come by, but the look in her eyes tells you that youre definitely not supposed to. Youve always been insecure at one time or another, but this is the only time you feel like you might be stuck with your thoughts. You try to think of something else to do. Eventually her text stops, and youre left alone. A car pulls up to your driveway, and she gets out. What do I owe you if I dont come out your way. You owe me nothing, you asshole. She gives you a look of disappointment, and you return it with disgust. Im sorry, you say to her, not really caring if shes sorry for your rudeness. I dont want to go in your house, I want to go into the forest.

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