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In any case, you know that you should probablystay away from those folks. So for awhile youre just hanging out at theKlyton Mall. The next day you start to hear about Librarising. I dont know why, I think its just how he is. I think I may havecrossed the line once or twice. It is true, this guy is constantly hanging around the Libramall. The first time you were there a few days ago, younoticed that he seemed a little distracted. He was makingsurveys and running down various merchandise. While it isalways nice to spend time with someone you see as lessthreatening, you cant help but feel like he was judging you,especially since he just met you. Another time, he was standing behind you staring at younonstop the entire time you were talking to some girl. As youwere walking out he was saying something to your face like youwere going to become a bad influence on her. He also keptlooking at you whenever you were talking to her, and you wereconfused to be honest. Well, lets hope not then, hes been acting weird lately. SaidJohn, A girl, while walking away from you. Now, after the incident, he seems really chill, he just keepsshowing up at your store and not speaking to you. There isa slight sense of dread that something bad will happen to you if youdont get through to him. Just when you are about to give up, you get a call from a friend. The guy you spoke with yesterday was actually a member of theLibra Rising conspiracy, and he has some sort of bad information. It says that the star is a traitor and will be publicly murdered ina few days. You have to go, but you cant stay there. You cant let this guy get away with this. You pack what you need and you quickly buy all the essentialsyou need. You also decide to bring your weapon in case anything happens.

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