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Rachel responds to your compliment by showing off a side of herself you never noticed before. S like a side of Rachel you never knew existed before, until now. She has a cute face, long blond hair and her skin is tan. T help her in any way when she is in front of you. She does a good job of acting pretty and giving you a flirtatious smile. However, for whatever reason she looks like she may be suffering from some sort of mental break down. S just not acting herself in front of you. S not acting like this around you. The world is going to be a better place with you on the right side of history. Rachel says and then starts to go into more detail. Her eyes dart left and right, and you see a small smile on her face every now and then. You start to say, but then you stop yourself. Ve done wrong things Rachel and I wish I could change them. You say still trying to keep your voice level while trying not to be too loud. I just wish for some reason to be loved for who I am. Rachel, do you even know how wrong.

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