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Free Snagajob signup and subscriber reward offering. BenefitsJob opportunities at Sally Beauty Online are available for those currently employed in the U. Or abroad and have a minimum of 3 years of experience, as well as those willing to start fresh with a new company. Our mission is to provide an accessible, flexible and rewarding career experience to individuals in all stages of their careers. We are committed to the goal of a bright, healthy future for all of our associates. Sally Beauty offers a fully-insured benefits package with health, dental, vision and long term disability insurance along with 401, k tax-deferred, and paid holidays and vacation days. PaySally Beauty Online offers a competitive salary and bonuses. 1,000 cash bonus weekly;401, k, vesting with 1 year of service;Dental Insurance;Vision Insurance; andLong-Term Disability Insurance. Sally Beauty offers competitive wages and benefits. Hiring PracticesSally Beauty employs a highly-motivated team that strives to build each and every associate up from the ground up and into one of the leading global brands in the beauty market. Our goal is to cultivate a team where individuals excel in their ability to think creatively, work hard and develop a broad range of skills through the process of self-education. In order to achieve this goal, we employ a consistent hiring process that is designed to ensure each individual hired is successful in his or her future career as quickly as possible. Hiring ProcessEvery new position is evaluated through a rigorous job application process. The process is comprised of a two-stage interview process, a job application and a reference check. Sally Beauty has made the decision to not rely solely on references and an on-site interview with each potential hire is also required. The job application process includes various job specific questions that are designed to capture a complete understanding of the qualifications of the ideal candidate. The reference check includes a combination of a screening interview and an in person interview. These interview formats are designed to assess a candidates knowledge of the job description and the organization. If both interview formats show signs of success, Sally Beauty will provide an on-site interview.

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