LeFou is the, former, secondary antagonist, in Disneys 2017 Beauty and the Beast…

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S kind of ironic that Le Fou, the main antagonist of The Beast, is one of the main characters in 2017s Beauty and the Beast. They were kind of the same character, but in opposite directions, and in different time periods, and different worlds, etc, etcIn Beauty and the Beast, LeFou was the good guy and Beauty was the bad guy. In a weird way, he kind of helped Beauty out of some sort of twisted sense of loyalty. They even kind of have the same voice actor, though he sounds more like a high pitched yelp instead of the creepy voice that LeFou has when hes in human form. In 2017s Beauty and the Beast, Le Fou is the main villain and Beauty is the main hero. They also share the same narrator, but his voice isnt exactly like the voice that Le Fou normally has when he talks. Meanwhile, Josh Gad has been in several productions, notably in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast and Wonderstruck. He also has a TV show called Superstore which is coming to Netflix in January. HeyGuysItsKevin, or commenting below on what you think of these two new characters. You open up your laptop one evening to see a message from a very pretty brunette girl asking you to come over to have a cup of coffee with her at your favorite coffee shop. The screen goes black and the phone rings again. Yeah, I just got a message from a hot girl.

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