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The party goes for another hour and then you arrive at your hotel. Re a little disheartened, so you take a seat in the hotel lounge instead. Re not sure how to act, is what Im saying. I mean not one person in this room is even Lebanese. Not even a single Lebanese person in this room. S actually from a town called Lyford which is in Western Australia. S a normal guy from the middle of nowhere and that he has a bunch of family in Lebanese descent. Ll have to come out with you if you want to join them later at the party. Wayne and Joel come down to the lobby and sit down in a booth in a very quiet part of the lounge. T even know there was a party going on or where to go to if you wanted to go to it, besides the usual dance clubs in Sydney. Wayne then goes on to say that at one time there was a group of Lebanese guys from somewhere who worked at the Gold Coast gold mine. Which was an all-inclusive party house that also served as a bar and.

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