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You look for work as fast as possibleYou quickly get a job at a fast food restaurant after you finish your classes so you can have enough money to buy a smartphone after school. You are glad to have any and all jobs to go to since your grades have already been getting worse lately and youre sure that your Mom wont be able to send you to any more school at her current job. You have your mothers blessing in this and dont worry too much about her anymore because if she was still sending you to public school, your grades would never have gotten this low since at that point your grades would be worthless. In addition to trying to get a job, you also have been spending most of your free time with some of your less computer savvy friends. Some of them have been good and some of them are assholes but youve managed to find more friends than you would have otherwise. You all meet up at a bar that you know is in the middle of a strip mall. Youve all been there before at times and most of the time the girls are too drunk to even notice you so they just pay with their tits or their butts. Today will probably be the first time this week that these girls notice you though. The bar and the strip mall is one of the few places you all dont have to hide your presence. In fact, its the only place you are all able to be seen at. While everyone else is staring at the menu, you are all just staring at each other and then at the tits or butts on the screen. There is a girl about your age that you have known for longer than anyone else, although since the rest of your group is much younger, shes mostly just spoken to you when needed. Youve always just been a friend to her, like shes your older sister or something. So what do you guys wanna order. A bar tender with a goatee and a buzz cut asks. Were gonna have to get out of here soon, its getting late. Hey guys, wanna come on a little trip. There is a girl with jet black hair in the group and she seems to be the leader. Shes about your age, but maybe a bit older, she wears glasses and has a big ass. Shes a party girl at heart and very adventurous. For now shes still in her early teens so she doesnt have any real obligations towards you, but you can see her mind is definitely set on getting with some older guy, at some point shes going to leave you and you dont want that. Im sure you guys can come up with something. Ill take care of everything, itll be fun. The lead girl says and walks to a booth at the bar.

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