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Happens in the present after another man hacked more than 100 iCloud accounts to gain access to more than 300 private pictures of various celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and the Big Bang Theorys Michael Kanaan. After seeing how this guy got all the pictures, he was pretty pissed off and started calling the FBI and the FBI actually came out to search his computer and found it all anyway. They came in and raided and shut down his computer for a full day. The guy was obviously a little paranoid and they eventually arrested him and he is currently being held on various charges including illegal possession of child pornography. What I found interesting about all this, is some of this is coming from the same hacker that got Jennifer Lawrences iCloud passwords. I have no idea if those were just random womens e-mail addresses and passwords or if that person had a specific goal in mind when they did it but given that the hacker who got Lawrences e-mail passwords was also the same guy who had Jennifer Lawrences iCloud passwords, I think it could just be a coincidence. Still, its interesting to see whats happening in the world of hacking. I mean isnt it time we all learned how to protect our private information and not just assume we are safe no matter where the internet goes. I mean we are doing a lot more online now than we were 3 years ago. As far as what we can really do about this, I think a lot of things are better about being secure on the internet itself than making personal changes like changing passwords andor e-mail providers. You better change all your passwords and change all e-mail providers too. You want me to change all my passwords and e-mail providers because you are scared of a possible criminal who can get your private information. I am not scared of a criminal, I am scaring you. There is nothing you can do if your e-mail and password information is compromised.

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