Le Haenel was born on Januin Paris, France…

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You need to get to a shelterYou leave the rest of the festival with your new friends and head to a shelter called The Sanctuary. This is a small place and it is not very big, but you see it as the best option you have at the moment. You have been told that it will not be long before the power goes out in the city, and that if you can just hold out until then, you will have your home. There is no way to know if that will be the case, but you can just hope that it will be. It doesnt matter if you are right and she is wrong, you need to get to the shelter to try to save your life. You gather up your bags and start your walk, but it is about to be a very hard walk. As you walk, you keep looking over at where Brenda is, but you never manage to catch up with her. You look back over your shoulder to look behind you, but you cant see her anywhere. As you walk down the road, you dont even think about the danger in the sky. Just the thought of going back to the shelter, or possibly the shelter to you, makes you keep walking, until you have started to walk a little too fast for the road. A car or truck is going to be coming up fast to hit you. In moments you will be running from the car or truck and you will have no idea where you are. You run for your lifeYou start to run, but you have no idea where you are running to. You keep running and then suddenly you see a large group of people behind you, but who are trying to catch up to you. You are now going too fast for them and they cant catch up. You know that you can make it, if you just keep running. The only way you can reach the Sanctuary is if you get to it before they do. You sprint past the group of people and jump over the fence to get to the Sanctuary. On the other side of the wire you can see a large group of people standing about watching what you are doing.

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