Le fou beauty and the beast 2017

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If you liked the first installment of this story, or if you just want to see the sequel in all its epicness, you should definitely go listen to my other stories and give this one a shot. Re about to get yourself and your girlfriend into an incestuous relationship, which unfortunately leads to a lot of negative repercussions and a lot of blood. Ve crossed will be, you should probably stop reading now. Ve read enough to know that this story is still a work of fiction, so all that being said, go find a dark corner and hold your breath waiting for the inevitable, because it really will come to you at some point. Charm since the last time you lived here. You exit into the streets and make your way to the local tavern. As you pass the local brothel, you decide to check it out first. You walk up to the door and knock twice. No light, but you see a couple of patrons in back with their feet on the table, probably drinking and watching the prostitutes. You knock a few times and still no answer. When you feel like you have nothing left to lose, you go up the stairs and finally manage to get in. You enter and see a young woman standing in the doorway trying to avoid eye contact.

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