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The beauty of today: beauty news, beauty tips, the latest. 10 per hour minimum wage in San Francisco. The court is declining to hear an appeal of a lower courts decision to uphold the law. 10-an-hour wage have argued it would help many low-wage workers and help businesses grow. Opponents have argued the minimum wage is an unconstitutional mandate that is arbitrary and capricious that is too high to be justified by the excesses seen in the living wage debate. Justice Elena Kagan recused herself from hearing arguments in the case, but argued that the law in question was not necessarily unconstitutional. A lawsuit called the San Francisco Lawsuit Against the City filed in 2012 challenged the citys minimum wage. As a plaintiff in that lawsuit, the Center for Economic Development argued that because San Franciscos citywide minimum wage law came in two parts, it was clear that the minimum wage in part was to be set as an index. The city, however, argued that it wasnt the minimum wage that was an excess, but rather the minimum wage indexing mechanism. 10 and then increase it on an annual basis was not an excess. The San Francisco minimum wage law was put on hold by a lower court judge who said he feared it could run afoul of the 1965 act barring cities from setting their own wage standards. Justice Kagans recusal meant that the Supreme Court needed only to decide one of the cases two main issues to decide the case. One issue was whether the law should be upheld at all, as the decision to hear the case would have effectively ended the case. The other issue was whether the law was within the proper scope of the law enforcement power. The city argued that the San Francisco minimum wage law was legally sound, and that the San Francisco Police Department had acted in their lawful role. Justice Kagan disagreed, claiming the law could have an unintended effect by forcing businesses to pay employees too much. She quoted the Supreme Courts 1971 decision in the case of National Labor Relations Board v.

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