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As always, your loved ones will be in our prayers today. 400 in cash, or find someone to lend you money. If you choose to borrow the money, you also wont be able to leave the camp. You can either do it, or just stay here until you come up with more. You take the moneyBorrow your money, or stay here. As soon as you walk into the camp, you and a bunch of other guys are approached by this girl. Hey, look at this, weve got a lot more stuff here from this place. Come along lets get the fuck outta here. She grabs your hand and drags you towards the front door. Im not giving you any more of this shit. She begins to yell at you, you try to calm her down, you tell her it looks like theres probably enough money in the camp to get your bags and clothes, and then you take off. When you get to the front door, she yells at you again, now you cant stop yourself from screaming at her. You scream at her againYou cant help yourself, its like your brain has a switch flipped. You are so exhausted, and your head is spinning from all the screaming. You look away from the gate and continue to yell at her. You dont know what the fuck you are doing. Why the fuck didnt you tell me this earlier. You didnt even bother calling me. How the hell am I supposed to get my stuff without this bitchs help. Im not playing your fucking games. You fucking dont know what youve done. You are now sitting down on a nearby lawn chair, and you are not moving, you are unable to stop yourself. Theres really no stopping her, you dont know what youre playing at. The fight was so strong, but theres no way youre losing this.

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