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You can get the shampoo and body cream, and thats, the, thats, the. 20 on shampoo and body cream doesnt sound all that bad. 20 has already been used up on snacks. The cashier takes your order, signs it and then hands it right back to you without checking to see if there are any charges or something. The cashier smiles, then turns down the computer screen. No problem, she says and disappears back into the kitchen. You walk outside with your wallet and a bunch of cash. Its nighttime; from where youre standing, you can see some buildings, but you cant quite make out what exactly they are. You notice a car driving past you. You walk overYou dont know why youre doing this, but you have to find out the location of the LAE Beauty Bar. Maybe youll find a card to get in even the less reputable of these beauty bars. 20 to spend on body sprays, masks and whatever else youd like to get in your face. As for the car, maybe thats still there, and thats the car that left you, and thats where youre going to go to get home. Maybe youll find out that it took you a while to get to what you thought was the LAE Beauty Bar because its actually a gas station. Maybe youll find out that its closed on Sundays and.

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