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I have tried other spa services, the same one for example, with worse outcomes, so its better to try something else. You can call if you have any questions, I will also reply asap. You havent yet made contact with Sebastian, the operator tells you you have 10 minutesYou: Hello. Im calling to tell you that we have received your message. We will be able to try all our possible treatments for you. You may call if you have any questions; our number is 49 79 963 6555. You: Wait, no, I dont think you should put you spa into the hands of a machine. Operator: We dont care about your morals, do you have any questions. I can answer all your questions in this time, we want to make the best experience for you. Im sorry, but I cant give you any other information as this information is not available to the public. You have no time to wait for its reaction, you have to go quickly to your car and then head back to your parents. You get in the car and drive back home. You get to your parents house and your dad is there waiting for you. You Mom: Sebastian, are you sure you dont want to bring you little sister back to your house and have her look through her stuff. You Dad: Thats alright honey, you can bring her straight to our house. Theres been a lot of weird things going on in the media lately. Shell probably be happy to see her parents again. You Mom: You know that Sebastian, he just came to us looking for your parents. How come he didnt just come to you. You Dad: Were not his parents, and hes not your son, hes a machine. You need some more time with your sister You: So, is there anything that could be done about this. You mean what youre saying is true, and you just got manipulated into doing a favor with little to no reward. You mother: Well, if you werent my child, Id try to find a way to help you, but as I said, your parents are dead. You: Well can someone else help me.

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