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The Korean beauty standards have changed over the years. You continue, as you watch the lights of the city. All you feel is the cool night air. The city has changed so much since you last left it. You can never quite believe it happened. In the span of less than a week, you have grown to like the city so much you will never leave. You like the people here too much, you feel a little like a street urchin. As you walk along, you find yourself moving towards the building you came from. It is the same old building you used to live in. It seems so familiar and you are drawn to it despite the fact that you dont know where it is and have never been to the building before. You take a deep breath and force your feet to carry you forward. And then, as you pass the streetlight, you feel like you have been here before. You turn around and walk back in the opposite direction. You wonder if you should go back the way you came. After all, you are starting to lose the familiarity. This place feels so familiar as you come to realize. The walls are all plaster and you see only the darkness in front of you. The light shining through the hole in the wall in the wall behind you. The walls in front of you are black and there is nothing but a dim light shining from the gap in the wall. You feel like you are walking inside yourself again, and you feel as though you are lost in this darkness again. You turn around and begin to walk the other way. You feel as though you have been here before. You feel as though you have been here to many places, and never been to this place. All of these places are very familiar though. What did you do that you were never able to do now. But something tells you that you have been.

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