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You dont know anyone with a bipolar diagnosisIf you dont know anyone with a bipolar diagnosis, then you might have to give some thought to the idea that you havent had the bipolar disorder diagnosed right. You have bipolar disorderWell, if you have bipolar disorder, that would certainly help to explain your feelings of depression if not the rest of the depressive symptoms, which you do not experience. You do have to wonder whether or not the depression, irritability, anger, and other such symptoms, youve had the last few years of your life, are due to your bipolar disorder or if they are symptoms of something else that is more directly associated with your bipolar disorder. You have bipolar disorderWell, the good news is that you do have bipolar disorder. The bad news is that you still dont know what is causing it. The good news is that it does seem to be relieved some of the other depressive symptoms that you might not have expected. You decide to investigate bipolar disorders a bit more in greater detail in the future. You look back at your medications and you see that one of them is Zoloft. You realize that you havent even been on it long enough to really know whats going on with it. You havent been taking it as often as you would like. You wonder if you should take something else. Maybe a mood stabilizer such as Wellbutrin to help sooth your manic feelings. You do not experience any effect from taking it and feel nothing at all. What you feel worse is the fear that something like this might happen to you. You continue, you arent well yet. Take some time to relaxTaking the medication seems to help somewhat, and you begin to relax more, until you actually feel less depressed, more energetic, and you find it much easier to maintain a positive mood when youre around other people. You dont have any more problems with your medication at this time. You take two more pills of Wellbutrin in the afternoon, and you arent feeling anything until supper time. You are still not well, still quite depressed. You are still so tired, you do not feel like eating, at all. Youre starting to have an issue with the weight of your head coming down, its still getting to be too much for you, you think, you have not been getting much sleep. You have been making progress, but you are still not well. You feel like it would be a good idea to take a break from Wellbutrin and go home to sleep a bit, to relax, and to have a good night.

This article about Celebrities with bipolar disorder