Kim Plans Valentine's Day with Family Amid Not Having "Any Contact" with Kanye

Valentine’s Day, aka the day Kenny G fears the most, is fast approaching, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be spending it apart as expected. A source tells People that Kim plans to spend the holiday with her children, and continues to have no contact with her estranged husband amid their reported pre-divorce proceedings.

“Kim is great,” the source said. “She has a Valentine’s Day celebration planned with her kids and family. She likes to make it special for the kids. She doesn’t have any contact with Kanye. It’s obvious that she is just focused on the future.”

Kim and Kanye have gone all out for Valentine’s Day in the past. Let’s see, there was the time Kanye gave her a flower wall, the time he gave her 1,000 red roses, and of course the time Kanye treated Kim to her own private Kenny G performance, in which Kenny was trapped in a sea of single roses.

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