Kim Kardashian's SKIMS Brand Says Woman Suing Bought Tape from Amazon, Not SKIMS

Kim Kardashian‘s signature shapewear company, SKIMS, says a woman who filed a lawsuit claiming SKIMS body tape ripped her skin off has it all wrong … and the tape she actually used was an Amazon purchase that’s not associated with Kim or SKIMS at all.

The woman, Noelle Mahasin Smith, filed a  lawsuit against SKIMS Monday — claiming the company’s body tape was ripping her skin off. The lawsuit was thin on specifics, but Smith says the body tape is directly responsible for the physical and mental pain she claims she endured by using it.

A rep for SKIMS tells us Smith didn’t even purchase the tape from them, saying, “We take feedback from our customers very seriously. Upon further review of this specific complaint, we have discovered that the customer purchased what appears to be fake tape from Amazon, who is not an authorized or official retailer of SKIMS products.”

Kim’s SKIMS brand has become super popular in the market, the company rep continues, “Unfortunately counterfeit items have become commonplace for the brand and we strongly advise our customers to only purchase from SKIMS or any of our official retail partners which can be found on our website to ensure that they receive authentic products that meet our quality standards.”

In comparing the products, you can see Kim’s tape has the SKIMS marking … much different than the one allegedly purchased on Amazon.

There’s also the price difference, Smith’s purchase was $9.99 for a roll of tape and pack of 10 pasties … SKIMS retailed for $36 for a roll and $12 for a pack of 10 pasties.

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