Kim Kardashian SKIMS MENS Line Makes Millions of Dollars Per Minute in Launch

kim kardashian bosa shai neymar

The numbers don’t lie, men want their SKIMS, and it was proven on launch day … raking in millions of dollars per minute for Kim Kardashian‘s latest venture.

The SKIMS MENS line — featuring underwear and basics — dropped Thursday with a flurry of support. Sources with direct knowledge tell us it was the biggest day of sales for SKIMS since the day the brand launched.

What’s more, we’re told the MENS drop broke SKIMS website traffic records, pulling in 25,000 orders within the first 5 minutes of open, translating to millions of dollars in sales in minutes.

SKIMS Men's Line

The launch numbers are insane … but remember, the campaign to announce the line also got a TON of attention thanks to steamy and shirtless pics from Nick Bosa, Neymar and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Nick Bosa SKIMS Hot Shots

As we reported … Nick Bosa started to trend on Twitter immediately after the photos dropped — hitting #5 overall — and SKIMS also trended at the #2 spot.

Kim’s got the golden touch.

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