Kim Kardashian hits back at no talent claims saying she can do anything with her toes

Kim Kardashian has fired back at claims that she has “no talent”, telling her critics she has "a million f***ing talents".

Kim, 41, told Interview magazine that she can do “anything with her toes” as she stunned fans by bearing her famous asset in a photoshoot for the magazine.

The cheeky snap saw the star transformed like never before as she exposed her bum in a jockstrap while looking over her shoulder to show off her bleached eyebrows and platinum blonde hair in front of the American flag.

Kim told the magazine: "Yeah, people used to say that and I’m like, do I need to be a f**king circus animal?”

She continued: "Just because we’re not singing and dancing and acting on the show doesn’t mean that the fame didn’t come from that.

"But then, I would write that as a hashtag, not bad for a girl with no talent, because people used to be like, “Well, what do you do? What’s your talent?” And I’m like, “Didn’t know I needed one.

"I mean, I can give you a million f**king talents," she continued. "I can cook well, use my toes for anything. I could tell you the weirdest f**king s**t on the planet."

Kim spoke about what she believed to be her talent which she said handling the marketing and the "business behind selling products and knowing what the customer wants and making it feel attainable, but also a bit unattainable at the same time".

Kim continued: "I wouldn’t say that’s a talent. I think it’s a bit of magic and business savvy. Maybe it is talent, I don’t know.

"Hopefully one day it can say lawyer and mother," she continued. "I think those are my most important roles, but I don’t really look at my Wikipedia page, so I don’t really care."

The new image of Kim posing on the cover of the magazine sent fans into a frenzy with some posting heart and flame emojis, while others weren't too keen on the bleached eyebrows look.

Not one to shy away from expressing his opinion is British presenter Piers Morgan who took offence to the image and said he felt like "barfing" before slamming it as "horribly offensive and inappropriate".

Piers said Kim had "zero talent" and was only “famous for having sex on tape".


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