Khloé Kardashian Impressed By 'Attentive And Responsible' Tristan Thompson Amid Her COVID-19 Battle!

Tristan Thompson was coming through in the clutch!

The NBA star doesn’t just know how to make it happen in difficult moments on the court, but also at home, as baby momma Khloé Kardashian was laid up with coronavirus! On the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which aired new on Thursday night, we peeked inside Khloé’s COVID-19 recovery, her quarantine away from daughter True Thompson, and Tristan making it happen as Super-Dad!

It all started when the Good American founder showed symptoms of the virus before later isolating from loved ones to avoid spreading it around. At one point, while on the phone with big sis Kim Kardashian West, Khlo-money gave some insight into what it was like early on, saying (below):

“This f**king sucks. You have no idea the type of migraines I have right now. Probably, the worst I’ve ever had. I’ve been throwing up and it’s just been bad. But everything’s so backed up . They don’t want me going near True. Thank god Tristan’s in town.”

Oh, no!

Making things worse, as she alluded to in that quote, the Revenge Body host had to wait more than a week for her test results alone, throwing her life out of whack for a bit and creating challenges at home. As the 36-year-old reality TV star explained to the camera in a confessional interview, it was difficult for her to steer clear of her daughter for a while, but she just had to be safe.

Khloé shared:

“Until we get my test results back, the doctors have advised to act as if I am positive for corona and self-isolate and do not come in contact with my child or anybody else in my household. But no matter how sick I am, I’m still constantly focused and thinking about True. So, having her dad here, it gives me a little more time that I could focus on just me trying to get better.”

And right on cue, that’s where Super-Dad comes through! In that same phone call with Kim, the youngest Kardashian sister relayed how impressed she’d been with Tristan for stepping up and running the household while she isolates away from the world.

To hear her tell it, too, it’s clear Khloé and her basketball-playing baby daddy had developed quite a system to get things done:

“Tristan has been bringing me food, and then, he’ll knock on the door and I wait 30 seconds or a minute, then I go and get it … He doesn’t live here, he has his own house, but I really appreciate how attentive and responsible he’s been. I mean, he asks me breakfast, lunch and dinner what do I want to eat. He literally gets it for me, puts it on a tray, leaves it outside my door. We have a little system.”

Love it!!! Good job, Tristan! Keep the good work going now…

Ironically, the pro athlete’s 29th birthday came up as Khloé was stuck in quarantine, so the reality TV star was able to FaceTime with him and baby True as they celebrated. Even though she couldn’t physically be there, the proud momma did recall how her little girl immediately recognized “mommy” over the phone, too! Awww!

Eventually, as her symptoms continued to worsen, the test results came back. As we know now, she did contract COVID-19, and the quarantine ended up being both justified and necessary. Things thankfully never got serious enough for the A-lister to have to go into the hospital — though it’s revealed the family did call, but was told to only bring her in if absolutely necessary.

Still, the fashion biz founder was quick not to downplay the sickness even without hospitalization, at one point telling viewers in a confessional:

“This virus has hit me like a ton of bricks, and it’s been really scary, it’s been really hard… I feel so much better now, thank the lord. take this really seriously.”

No kidding!

Finally, after ten days in quarantine, Khloé’s symptoms started to improve, and eventually she pulled through. What an ordeal. Still, glad to know it wasn’t worse!

In case you missed it Thursday night and want to catch up, ch-ch-check out this quick recap video (below), including more from Khloé and highlights of the arrival of pal Malika Haqq‘s baby boy:

This family is always keeping us on our toes, aren’t they?!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Tristan has really showed growth and maturity in the last few months, hasn’t he?? Not gonna lie, we continue to be impressed with the changes he’s made! Now let’s see if the new habits hold when life returns to normal in the next year or two…

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