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The one that speaks out about how much she loves the diet. This is the fat-acceptance activist whos apparently gained about 150 pounds, and is a regular on TV talking about it. Who are these people who talk so highly of the low-fat diet when they arent following it. In fact, Im not convinced that the low-fat dieting trend doesnt have something to do with this. For a lot of people, especially women, its a way to avoid putting out and its hard to blame them for that. If youre not putting out, you cant blame that on eating too much fat. They do have a low amount of body fat, but theyre getting a lot of calories from carbs and even more from sugar. I know what Im talking about because Ive been on the low-fat diet for over four years now. Its about 30 fat, 60 carbs, and 20 protein. You cant make a low-fat recipe without some kind of sugar. Just take the fat out completely, add some more fat, and you wont find a single thing else to add sugar to in this case. Thats what Ive been doing for the past four years. Because its a lot easier to get women to eat a low-carb diet than it is to convince a woman that she shouldnt eat more sugar. And thats a lot easier than you might think. They love food and they love comfort foods, and it takes a big lump of sugar to make them really happy. The problem is, the only people wholl be making money off of this are the food manufacturers who sell food products in the low-fat category. Though the sugar industry is probably getting some money.

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