Kerry Washington Recreates Legally Blonde Scene In A Bikini For Reese Witherspoons Birthday

Kerry Washington is the ultimate Elle Woods in a recent Instagram, wishing BFF Reese Witherspoon a happy birthday in an adorable tribute video.

What, like it’s hard? Kerry Washington just made the most amazing tribute to her pal Reese Witherspoon for her birthday, channeling Reese’s famous Legally Blonde character Elle Woods. In the March 24 Instagram video, Kerry, who co-starred on the popular Hulu show Little Fires Everywhere with Reese, floated along in a pool in a blue sequined bikini atop a pink float — just like in the 2001 comedy. Kerry also wore her hair like Elle’s in a high pony tail as she smiled at the camera above. Hoku‘s “Perfect Day” also played in the background of the video, a direct nod to the movie soundtrack!

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Although Kerry was giving her pal a shout-out, we couldn’t help but notice the significance of the actress making a call back to the character of Elle Woods, whose journey from sorority girl to Harvard Law graduate was one for the … well, books! Kerry again channeled a similar vibe in another recent Instagram where she stood at a formal looking desk, held a gavel, and wore a t-shirt that stated, “BLACK WOMEN BELONG ON THE COURT” on the front. As noted in her caption, Kerry was making a reference to the recent swearing in of Ketanji Brown Jackson, who just took her position on the Supreme Court as the first black woman to ever hold the position.

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In addition to her Reese shout-out, Kerry linked up with another former co-star at this year’s SAG Awards: Tony Goldwyn. The ex-Scandal stars teamed up to present the best ensemble in a drama nominees at the awards. Both Tony and Kerry fully took on their old roles as love interests Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant as they presented the nominees. Tony asked, “Should I read the nominees for outstanding ensemble in a drama series?” and Kerry assured him there was no need, by giving him her character’s iconic catchphrase: “It’s handled.”

Before announcing the winner, Kerry, 45, said, “in serious television, it’s no secret that the success or failure of a show is a result of the entire team’s collaboration and chemistry. Each actor shining individually while collectively giving off a dazzling light.” There’s no doubt that the actress had her own dazzling chemistry with the man standing next to her on their long-running series!

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