Kent State Offensive Lineman Pukes On Field During Idaho Potato Bowl

Gross scene at the Idaho Potato Bowl on Tuesday a Kent State offensive lineman got so sick during the game, he puked all over the field.

… and he got flagged for it!!

The nasty play went down early in the second quarter of KSU’s bowl game with Wyoming … when the Golden Flashes were facing a third-and-goal situation.

In video of the scene, you can see left tackle Bill Kuduk — wearing a No. 71 jersey — vomited right before the ball was snapped … causing defensive players on Wyoming to flinch across the line of scrimmage.

Of course, the refs threw a flag on Kuduk for a false start penalty … which was assessed after the up-chucking happened during the snap count.

To Bill’s credit, he stayed in the game and seemed to play well … and was a good sport over it all afterward, tweeting, “Puke and Rally!!! Appreciate the shout out #MACtion.”

As for the game … the scoreboard looked sicker than Duduk, ’cause the Golden Flashes got trounced, 52-38.

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