Kendall Jenner wore a boring & sparkly Versace to the Met Gala

Kendall Jenner wore Versace to this year’s Met Gala. What does this say about the American lexicon? That we like butts and sparkles? Kendall was like, here, take a sparklebutt. I’m not even halfway through the Met Gala photos and I’m already exhausted by how many women did netting + sparkles, honestly. Kendall possibly got one of the better versions, but it’s still kind of bad and boring.

Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum did not arrive together or walk the opening red carpet together. They did leave together though. So that’s something! They’re really happening, and Channing would not have gone to this mess if he wasn’t with Zoe. Zoe wore YSL and Chan wore Versace. I hate her dress, it’s so boring (like Kendall’s).

Olivia Rodrigo in YSL. This is… something. On one hand, it’s bold for a first-time attendee, and it’s probably comfortable-ish too. On the other hand, she’s just wearing a bodysuit with feathers.

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Blackpink’s Rose also wore YSL. I can only assume that her “American lexicon” reference was Julia Roberts’ fancy dress in Mystic Pizza.

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