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B Beauty Store you could get. KC Beauty Store you could get. S all youre gonna find around here. You and Charlotte are left with a choice, you can go with her, go back to the convenience store and risk getting mugged or you can go back to the convenience store and risk getting mugged or you can go back to the beauty store and risk getting mugged. Re willing to risk getting mugged then she should go with you. Re more likely to survive the trip back to the convenience store. The man also points the gun at you several times and as you turn to fight him you run out the door and make a run for it. You shout and you start running as fast as you can back to the beauty supply store, and then it happens. An unexpected object causes the man to lose the gun. You call for Charlotte and you both run to the beauty supply store and then you scream to the people running to call the authorities for help. The police officers arrive on the scene as the robbery has already been ended and tell the people on the scene to turn off their radios and to just secure the area while they deal with this crime. Eventually a robot appears and examines the object and then an entire crime wave begins. The citizens begin calling in bomb threats to the news and then eventually they call in their military. S happened, but as you are about to investigate it, you are suddenly set a huge burning sensation. T stopping and eventually it burns your skin off. T save anyone right now and the whole situation is just too much. You go unconscious and your soul is finally lost.

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