Katie Holmes steps out in NYC, plus more star sightings…

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Beverly Hills and the Gothic Canyon are one another in New York. Mp3 Category: general posted at: 8:00am EDTEpisode 65: The New Year With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus Welcome to the final week of 2016 and the first episode of 2017. In case youre still in doubt as to how long this podcast is, well, it could not get any longer than this. The holidays are over, this New Years Eve and this week is all about the New Year. So what better time than this to do a episode of Welcome to Night Vale. Thats right, Night Vale is coming to you in the New Year and so is a super special guest. Shes a pretty talented actress and comic, but I bet she didnt realize this until now. Lauren has been a regular with the Night Vale Community Radio and has been known to do a few comic guest appearances on The Night Vale Podcast. Now shes got a chance for more exposure and shes going to play us. This week shes talking about the many great things about Night Vale, her favorite episodes and what people might not know about it. Also, youll soon see some changes with this website, a new name and a new host. Itll be called Night Vale Community Radio and itll be hosted by you, us. So thats why were on the internet at all. Thanks for listening and happy New Years to all of you, even those who arent here. And if you just listen for the first time, its too late, no big deal, theyre all gone. Mp3 Category: general posted at: 8:00pm EDTEpisode 64: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 10 Episode 12 Mac and Dennis: Manhunters. In the second half of the show we saw a lot of new characters, one of them being Mac and Dennis. Weve never seen them act as a team, but this week their bond and loyalty to each other showed itself. What can we expect this week with their mysterious new mission. What about Charlie, the only one of them that doesnt seem too excited to be back. All these questions and more will be answered and more.

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