Kate Middletons favourite classic dessert is the ultimate guilty pleasure

The late Queen was well regarded for watching her diet and preferred simple dishes with lots of fruit and vegetables over heavy sauces.

Another royal who has become famed for leading an incredibly healthy lifestyle is The Princess of Wales. While Kate has previously confessed to loving superfoods such as avocados and green smoothies, there is one naughty end-of-meal treat that is said to be a favourite of hers.

The Princess's love of this tasty British classic will certainly make her popular behind palace walls as Prince William and a number of other royals are also known to indulge in their love of sweet treats every now and again.

While The Princess of Wales is well-known for her love of healthy snacks – from goji berries to popcorn – it seems her favourite pudding is an iconic British classic which she enjoys whenever she visits The Old Boot Inn in Stanford Dingley, Berkshire.

Chef Rody Warot told People: "Kate is always discreet and has always complimented the dishes with great kindness… For dessert, her favourite is sticky toffee pudding. It’s moist and spongy."

The Princess isn't the only royal who enjoys something sweet every now and then as her husband is also well-known for his love of everything from chocolate to cake.

According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, he used to create a chocolate biscuit cake for the late Queen – who he called a “chocoholic”- that Prince William enjoyed immensely too. In fact, he liked it so much that he requested it as his groom’s cake for his wedding in 2011.

When it comes to the chocolate biscuit cake, chocolatier Barry Colenso has said: “Although the McVitie's Cake Company and I developed it into a wedding cake, we stuck closely to the guidelines issued from Buckingham Palace to make sure it was just right. It was rich, indulgent and creamy with a really snappy texture which came from the Rich Tea biscuits.”

On creating the chocolate confection Barry continued: “The Tiffin cake itself was pretty straightforward as the recipe was issued from the Palace, but the extras and decorations were a different story.

"The McVities' team and I worked 24/7 for 29 straight days to make sure we made something spectacular, and that met Prince William and Kate's brief.”

Prince William's love of chocolate was also revealed by Kate during a video call to schoolchildren before Easter a few years ago.

She revealed that William couldn't stop eating their supply of Easter chocolate. As the couple wished everyone a Happy Easter, William reassured them that: "There will be a lot of chocolate being eaten here, don't worry!" Before his wife quickly replied: "You keep eating it!"

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