Kate Middleton wants to reach out to Prince Harry amid Royal Family rift

Following the ongoing rift between the Royal Family, Kate Middleton "wants to reach out to Prince Harry" and is "something she wants to deal with" a royal expert said.

Within the space of a year, tensions have noticeably grown between the Royal Family and Harry after his explosive memoir Spare was released in January, not forgetting the Oprah Winfrey interview and Netflix docu-series that were previously aired alongside his wife Meghan Markle.

After they made a modest appearance for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and funeral last year, the duke attended his father's Coronation solo earlier this year and both have since been noticeably distant from the family.

Historian, writer and broadcaster Tessa Dunlop spoke exclusively to OK! and said how Kate is "realising that she can afford to be generous in terms of reaching out" and would want to "deal with" the ongoing rift.

Explaining this Tessa said: "I've always thought Kate is quite a good egg.

"She's the kind of classic upper-middle-class girl, that if you look at her background would always hope to maintain civil relationships, would not want to have bad blood and probably recognises that she has a lot that Meghan and Harry in a way don't have.

"Kate did have that very secure upbringing, a very secure place in the Royal Family, in line for the number one gig and probably is only self-consciously realising that she can afford to be generous in terms of reaching out and I think she would want to reach out."

Tessa reflected back on a video she once saw where Kate was asked if she had Facetimed her niece Lilibet and had replied "she's a bit young for that" but Tessa said "she didn't say 'oh no', she was open to communication and I think that would suit Kate.

"She's well-mannered and it seems a bit rude not to be speaking to each other.

"Plus she's the older of the four and she's the only one with your very conventional, happy family scenario, so while the others are used to a bit of dysfunction, for Kate that's not going to be something she's had in her family before, in her immediate family.

"So it's probably something she wants to deal with, for Kate that might stand out for her, more dominant."

Just recently Meghan celebrated her birthday but well wishes from senior members of the Royal Family were missing on social media, despite saying happy birthday publically last year.

Tessa said this was due to the "firmer line drawn in the sand" between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Royal Family.

Talking about the lack of birthday messages online for Meghan the royal expert said: "This was a reminder that actually, it tips into new ground compared to last August, yeah we've had Oprah but we've also had a pretty successful Platinum Jubilee, the Sussex's attended, they modestly made an appearance and didn't do anything distracting or what would seem to be in any way to upstage the Queen so it all went quite well.

"But then a year later, there's been a firmer line drawn in the sand with the Netflix documentary and Harry's Spare book.

"It was clear Harry wanted an apology but the Royal Family probably feel that they want an apology – it's both a working relationship and a family and these things can take time."

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