Kate Garraways husband Derek looks so proud as shes awarded MBE by Prince William

Kate Garraway has been awarded an MBE by Prince William, with her husband Derek Draper proudly watching on.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 56, received the award in honour of her services to broadcasting, journalism charity.

Kate dressed elegantly for the occasion, donning a stylish cream dress with pleated detail at the skirt and a high neckline at the top. She paired this with a matching cream belt and a pair of light pink heels. She accessorised further with a formal cream fascinator.

Proudly watching his wife, Derek, 55, made a rare public appearance as he beamed seeing Kate receive the impressive accolade.

The former political advisor, whose life changed dramatically after catching Covid-19 in 2020, sported a dark blue suit and patterned tie, appearing extremely proud of his wife as he watched on from his wheelchair.

Kate was awarded an MBE in the New Year Honours for her services to broadcasting, journalism and charity.

Reacting to the news at the time, she said on Good Morning Britain: "I actually feel very awkward about it all really, I don't know why, because I'm thrilled to bits and incredibly honoured.

"But you just sort of think, 'What? Me?' And then you think it's not real."

Kate and Derek have been open about their struggles since 2020, in the award-winning documentaries Finding Derek and Caring For Derek.

Derek was hospitalised for a year after contracting Coronavirus, returning home in 2021, and has continued battling a number of ongoing health issues in the aftermath.

The couple, who share two children together, Darcey, 17, and William, 13, have been married since 2005.

Sharing an emotional update on her husband's health earlier this month, Kate revealed that her son was recently left in tears after Derek was able to interact with him.

In an appearance on Loose Women, Kate said: "What we've been trying to do is and we've got some positive things with Derek, that even though the struggles are still the same, I took a decision in January and over Christmas.

"I thought: 'Right, we can't just keep trying to get rid of the bad stuff, we've got to fill our days with loads of good stuff.'

"The specialists were keen for us to do it as well and we could take him out on walks, and we had an extraordinary moment, which I never thought would happen, where we managed to get him to see Elton John, who has been amazing throughout the whole thing.

"We got him there and his team were brilliant, the O2 were brilliant, the carers came with me, were amazing, the nurses and it took months of planning.

"Then, an hour before, he was so unwell and I said: 'I don't think we can do this.' And then Darcey said: 'Ask him.' and I said [to Derek]: 'Can we do this because you're going to be floored tomorrow?' and he said: 'Why not? What else?'

"It's very much a whisper, I don't think we're necessarily going to have a conversation, but you get fantastic moments where he will suddenly, this is so silly, but Billy had a new basketball and he was bouncing it.

"Suddenly Derek said: 'Is that a new ball?' and we all just went [shocked]. Billy was like: 'Yes, yes, yes it is!' and Derek said 'it's nice'.

"Seeing him able to interact, it's something you take for granted, but to have him to be able to interact in that way. Billy was in tears, they were hugging, it's things like that – they really lift you up."

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