Kaleb Cooper insists every farm should have a farm shop despite Diddly Squat backlash

Kaleb Cooper says 'every farm should have a farm shop'

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Kaleb Cooper, 22, has become a large name in the farming business thanks to Jeremy Clarkson, 61, and his show Clarkson’s Farm. The farmer took to Instagram today to talk about Diddly Squat’s farm shop, despite the backlash the shop has received in the past.

I think every farm should have a farm shop.

Kaleb Cooper

Kaleb posted a video to his Instagram story from his tractor as he did the rounds at Diddly Squat.

He posted the video in view of his one million Instagram followers.

Kaleb said: “I think every farm should have a farm shop.”

He then moved the camera to show off the burger he had on his lap, insinuating it was from Diddly’s farm shop.

After zooming into the burger, he exclaimed: “Woah!”

Kaleb’s comments come after a two year fight with residents living around Diddly Squat farm.

However, the complaints have escalated massively in recent months as the public have begun to write letters to the local council to complain about the farm’s expansion.

Jeremy has been looking to add a 60-space car park with a separate entrance.

This was planned to please local residents after many complained of cars being parked on the side of roads around the area.

However, many still aren’t happy as they call his shop an “eyesore”.

While West Oxfordshire District Council decides what to do on Jeremy’s expansion plans, residents have sent in several letters which are free for the public to read.

Nigel Winser, from Chadlington, wrote the following in objection: “If the Farm Shop was loyal to selling local farm produce, the small car park is appropriate.

“Alas, the shop is already selling souvenirs that attract a large number of buyers from all corners of the UK.

“This trend will continue to grow year on year, with an increasing number of national and international buyers. Good for tourism, but not for sustainable farming in a beautiful area of national importance, for nature.”

Kaleb was already working on Diddly Squat Farm when Jeremy took the farm over.

He told David Prever on his BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast Club show: “Jeremy bought the farm in 2008 and I worked for the chap who contract-farmed it.

“Jeremy came up and said, ‘I still need someone to farm the farm – would you be interested? You know every name of the field, every acreage of the field. You’re the perfect person to keep farming it.’

“I said, ‘Absolutely, I’d love to farm your farm.’ But instead of having the top man there, I was the top man.”

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