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The problem is the religious ideology that is the foundation of this regime and the fundamental way of thinking that is reflected in the Taliban and their allies, Islamic extremists etc The problem is the way they are being supported by certain countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan which are both on the US hit list due to their perceived ties with them. And perhaps the biggest problem is that the Afghan and Pakistani people, who have suffered terribly under the Taliban for far too long, are waking up to the fact that what the US government, and others, are trying to impose onto them is not the least bit beneficial to them or even beneficial to their own country. And when a population wakes up to this fact, there is nothing they cannot accomplish. Dont know if this conspiracy is true, but if the recent events in Paris and Brussels have proven anything, it is that we are living in very dangerous times indeed. If you would like to read more articles like this, please visit my blog www. UsIf I could have my day in court, I would have you removed from Office, Ms. These allegations are a serious matter, and they need to be fully investigated. The departments internal affairs unit is trying to determine whether Mr. Jackson had a conflict of interest in the decision to turn the officers away on the street that day. It is very difficult to conduct an investigation when the person in question is the subject of an internal affairs investigation, said Paul J. Pallaro, said the officers should have been in compliance regulations because at the time they were acting within their duties. He said the officers supervisors and higher-ups were also accountable. I dont want to say there was no cover-up, he said. I think that at least some in the chain of command in the department should have asked more questions about some of the actions that were done. The chief said he was not troubled by the fact that the.

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