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They were even friendly to me before I realized that I needed stuff for the farm. The two people that were working there both looked like you expected them to look. They also still looked like they might be able to sell you some stuff, even if they didnt. You were trying to decide whether it was better to go inside or not when a woman walked into the store, almost knocking you over. Ah, hi, she said with a nice womans accent. T sell this to you in your size, but I can give you this in your size. The woman handed you a bag with an assortment of items. You look inside and see a bottle of water, a few apples, a can of beans, a can of chickpeas and a small pile of seeds. Well, I am here to sell you something I think will be better than all this. Re already kind of far down the road. The sooner we can make a decision, the better. The woman looks at you with a surprised expression before looking back at the goods and begins to explain. I was actually supposed to be with my boyfriend and his family down in the valley, they were going to be there today for the big family reunion. But the family reunion was cancelled, so I got here a little early yesterday. D sell the rest of it before it got too late to sell it before it got too late. You dont buy anythingSure, its a nice bag of seeds, but you could probably be more practical and just make a donation to a local food bank when you go to the mall. Plus you still got stuff you might need down in the basement. You go back to your seat and close your eyes. Re pretty hungry, you could eat a.

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