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GIVEAWAY : r You Cough Up CumYou cough repeatedly. You must try harder to push the cravings or else it will only worsen. Your head burns, but you push forth and the need overwhelms your mind and body. You feel a rush of warm liquid flood your head, but you are weak and weak is all that it takes to slip into oblivion. You know that if you continue to push the cravings, they will kill you. Let me give you what you want. I need to help you, but I have to help you in your right way. There is no way to help someone and kill them without making them a slave to their own urges. He doesnt respond and you are about to apologize, but you realize that you cant. He pulls you close and whispers in your ear. You should see a therapist and learn to accept your weaknesses and let them be. He reaches into a small pocket and pulls out a small vial of clear solution and presses it to your tongue, which you immediately gag on. It feels cool and you feel nauseous immediately. He holds his hand over your mouth and a sharp pain rips through your body. Blood and guts spill out of your mouth and nose. The pain is so great, you cant even scream out. You vomit and vomit, but its not enough. It isnt until the last few drops of blood leak out onto your pants that you finally break.

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