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This cream boosts your cellular reservativness as well as your skin fiber. 00 You enter the Beauty Kat ContestOkay, so I have to admit, I am a sucker for things that are cute. And in a world that is being overrun by horny, sex-crazed monsters, I can take or leave cute things. However, this is a contest, not a strip club, so I am going to need proof of my worthiness. I need to show I am fit to save the world from its imminent doom. In addition, I am going to need some help. You all have been nothing but helpful and supportive in my life, and I have not forgotten about you. You can help me win this contest, or you can just sit back and do nothing. You help me win the contest with your help. All you do is sit back and do nothing. Meanwhile, you have been completely defenseless against monsters and other threats alike. I need to know if youre going to help me win this contest or just sit and do nothing. Im not going to get myself hurt, you say. I just need to know if youre my savior. Not your savior, he says, Im the savior. Only I have all the knowledge and magic power to do so. If you really were so powerful, why arent you helping me. You say, getting annoyed by his inability to help. I mean I did all the hard work of defeating those monsters. Do you have any idea how hard it is to learn the ancient mysteries. You take two rocks, put one in a fire and one in a refrigerator. And you thought the fire one would help you, didnt you. Well, it helps you, because youre a water person.

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