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A wonderful little squeaky-clean, witty, smooth-talking, glamorous, beautiful girl. Love, Your Best, Your Best, Your Best, Your Best. You see Donna pull into the parking lot of a nearby gas station with a man that looks like hes got a head full of dirty blond hair. The man drives out from the station in a beat up white station wagon. You immediately wave at the station wagon and it comes to a stop in the parking lot. After the station wagon pulls into the lot, the man gets out of the car and walks over to you with his arms outstretched. Judy, Im so glad youve decided to come on this wonderful journey. The only thing I can do is come with you as long as you take me along. Well, just take me along and everything will be hun-uh-uh. Im sure my brother can hook you up with something, the man says, and then he starts to walk off. You look at Donna, who is now standing in the middle of the parking lot looking around at the other cars. The man has left, leaving his brother standing with a car key in his.

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