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You ask, already knowing the answer anyway. Maybe you should listen a little more to him. He mentions that as long as all the rules are followed, everyone is free to have as much fun as they want, as long as they keep the peace. S going to be setting up a few small challenges. And the other one is him taking everyone to one side and asking them whom they want to take. D actually want to go with to a foreign land with you. Re unable to speak for a moment even though you know what she wants to do. You start to ask, but then you stop yourself. T risk embarrassing yourself like that today when everyone is probably afraid to even speak to her again. Re about to speak up, Bobby comes running in with a tray of food and some drinks. Delicious food and wonderful wine, if I may say. Bobby exclaims and holds up a tray filled with food. He then holds it up and everyone else does too. He takes a large forkful of meat and dumps it on top of everyone else and they have to all eat it. Bobby says and hands everyone some of the meat. Bobby takes another forkful and dumps it out on.

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