Josh Gad, right, as Le Fou in Beauty and the Beast…

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He gives a speech to the entire population, saying. Disney has stayed pretty quiet about the character whos going to be a. One of the reasons why gay people have been demanding a gay character in Disney movies since the 90s is because for us weve always been seen as this second-class citizen. Theres something so awesome about seeing the world get it right. The same world that put gay rights on the map. Disney has always shown its the worlds biggest company that cares. So Im not too sad to have a gay Disney character. Maybe for a while theyll start putting in characters in a straight couple too. I dont care if you want to include a gay character. But you really cant pull this shit with me. Sorry Disney, but if you choose to have gay characters, Im out. You can choose not to have gay characters. You can have any characters you want. You go buy the movie and see if the gays are in it Im out, You say. Then you buy the movie, and see if its gay. You see if its gay You buy the movie and youre about to watch it before you realize, the gays are all in this Disney movie, and theyre gay. Youre so excited, you dont realize how late it is. As youre getting ready to turn off the lights in your bedroom and go to sleep, you hear your Mom, who lives directly across from your house, coming up from.

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