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This information about Neopets beauty contest

I know this isnt the most laborious way to get people involved, but if you want to win you need to make your case. So I give you a chance to win some games. For every game you win, Ill give you a Neopet of your choice. Surely, as a high quality Neopet, you are a worthy winner, I should have no issues with you. Ill even give you a Petpet of your choice. Ill even give you a random Petpet that I got for FREE, if you can beat the Grand Prize. The more information you bring to this contest, the more tickets youll win. As I said, I need more people to join me in this contest. You may bring only one other person with you to the contest. Then, you may bring one more person. If you like to play games, you may come join me over here. We dont need to win the contest, we just need to win a prize. I dont really feel like playing games. Please, we dont have to win, we can just come here. Maractite, Ive told you a hundred times, this contest is for the sake of our beauty, its not for profit. Yes, yes, of course, we agree to disagree. Come with me, come on, we should go to the prize. Ill put on a show, you just relax and enjoy yourself. Please, come on, I dare you, come on, come on. Maractite is so eager to win this contest, it wont let me go.

This article about Neopets beauty contest