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You think its time to head back to the inn. You can get some work done and have more time to relax. You dont even think about the fact you might not see her anymore. You will be with her forever – You go back to the innAs you are going back to the inn, you notice she is gone. If shes not here then how the hell did she get out. You head over to one of the more secluded booths to get some work done, but the door is locked. You try the bar, but it is also locked. No matter, youve got a strong enough will. You crawl under a table and look around for a place to hide. Suddenly an old man with grey hair and a thin scarred face pops out from one of the other booths and points his shotgun at you. You turn around and run back towards the inn, but before you can do it, the old man fires once more right in your back. You land with a thud on the ground and the earth quakes. The old man looks at you and raises his gun to fire once more, but then realizes his mistake and lowers his gun. The old man looks around and then points his shotgun in your general direction and walks away. You are in so much pain that you cant even think straight. The old man had just shot you, you cant remember the reason why. It doesnt make you feel any better that the old man is also an idiot, but you suppose that makes you lucky. Of course, it wasnt even your fault and the old man did it on purpose. You feel like crying, but you dont want to dwell on that right now. Well, looks like we get to meet the boss soon. Hows your new tattoo going to look, boy. You turn around as he introduces himself. No, I want to earn my keep, you say. I want to get rich somehow, you say, maybe buy an expensive car, but thats not my main goal. You begin to walk away from the inn with him when an old woman walks up. You dont have the right to talk to old people like that.

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