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T know the tricks of any of this beauty stuff. Re ready to get started and will be by the end of the year. You just have to work out that last bit of stubbornness and put in a little effort before then. M going to pick one that will be a quick walk from here on my route to school, the Makeup Shop. S will be more than sufficient, or at least until I get to the next shop. Your decision is made, you head to the Makeup Shop, which is located high up in the skyway. S easy to find one to your destination. S not quite that, but a bit strange. The place actually looks like it was made in the late 80s or early 90s, it has a gothic architecture look to it with exposed pipes, wires, and some of the stuff hanging from the ceiling. There are several floors, but the main shop is on the 4th, if you go down, you might have a tough time finding it. S a lift that will get you up there. The first floor is mostly made up of a big workshop area containing a lot of machines, a bunch of tables, and other work areas. S not much to do here, so you decide to find somewhere else to work on your ideas. There are a couple of toilets in the shop, and a couple of computers you can use for chatting, but nothing that really excites you. You need a spark to grab you, so you head to the bathroom and spend a little time in there.

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