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Rutter speak for the reasons and the purpose of their life. The video you are looking for is this one:As you could hear in the video, the melody is almost the same. Now as far as this website, it is very similar to this one. However, the website appears to be under construction while the other one is active. As such, I believe this is the correct site since I got this from the same source, the same person. The John RutterNow as you listened to the video, you can tell that the melody you heard and the song that I found on YouTube are the same. You decide to try to find the song on iTunes. When you go to find the song, you are able to find it. The song is called The John Rutter by John Williams and was released in 1979. You download the song and save it to your computer. As you listen to the song, you start to wonder if Rutter is the man that you heard. You look back at all the songs you have ever heard of him and you cant find any similarities. You decide that you still need to listen to some of the man himself before you can call him anything else. Once you start to listen to The John Rutter, you start to feel so much better about yourself. You made a choice to live the life youve chosen, even if that meant finding a song that will make you feel good. As you sat in front of your computer with your headphones in, trying to think, you began to hear a sound that you had never before heard: a voice. You picked up your speakers and began to listen. I know youre probably wondering why I would do something like this, but there is something that drives me insane about our current world and I think that song could be the answer to fixing it. I believe, if you could have the lyrics of one song.

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