Joanna Gaines and Drew Barrymore Share the Same Celebrity Crush

Former HGTV star Joanna Gaines has built a massive home empire alongside her husband, Chip Gaines, in the form of a TV network, home décor line, home magazine, and Magnolia at the Silos — among other things.

In March 2022, Chip and Joanna had a conversation with actor and talk show host Drew Barrymore about everything from their empire to their romance. But celebrities have celebrity crushes, too — and Barrymore, who had heard a rumor that she and Joanna shared the same celebrity crush, needed to find out if the rumor was true.

Drew Barrymore recently visited Joanna and Chip Gaines in Texas

In March 2022, Drew Barrymore took her talk show on the road to Waco, Texas, to visit with Chip and Joanna Gaines. Joanna announced the collaboration on her Instagram, and fans were thrilled to see the three coming together for an exciting venture; Chip and Joanna even opened the event up to the public, encouraging their fans to arrive early “to get a good seat on the lawn.”

While there, Barrymore discussed plenty of topics with the couple, including the time Chip waited several months before calling Joanna to ask her out on a date. The two also discussed why they decided to create Magnolia Network, with Joanna saying, “We want to highlight beautiful humans that are doing things they are passionate about.”

Drew Barrymore and Joanna Gaines both have a crush on David Letterman

Chip and Joanna might have spent plenty of time talking about the life they have built, but Barrymore had one other topic she wanted to address with Joanna specifically: Her celebrity crush. Barrymore opened up the conversation by revealing that she’d heard the two women might have “the same person out there in the world who really does it for us.”

“Is it Mr. Letterman?” Joanna responded, referring to David Letterman, to which Barrymore nearly spit out her coffee. “Our third date, I told [Chip] … 100% David Letterman,” Joanna said. She also added that she didn’t think Letterman “would know Joanna Gaines.”

Barrymore then showed a video of Letterman thanking Joanna for thinking of him and noted that he hopes to see her “in person” someday. Joanna was clearly starstruck by the moment, saying the video was “a dream come true.” Though Joanna has once admitted her celebrity crush, this was the first time she realized she and Barrymore had Letterman in common.

Drew Barrymore says Chip and Joanna Gaines have made her consider dating

Right now, Barrymore is single. She was previously married to Will Kopelman; the couple started dating in 2011 and wed that same year, according to PopSugar. After welcoming two daughters, the two announced their divorce in 2016. Since then, Barrymore hasn’t dated many people, but she said that watching Chip and Joanna’s love has made her want to jump back into the dating world.

“See, I’m so aggressively single, but when I’m around you and Chip, it makes me go, ‘Maybe I should spreadage my wingage,’” Barrymore said to Joanna while the two cooked together. They then joked about Chip potentially writing a book about treating women well. Ultimately, Barrymore hasn’t said much about her dating life, but the Gaines couple seems to have her thinking of going on a few more dates.

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