Jillian Michaels Calls Cops On Moving Company, Claims $30k in Property is Missing

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels claims tens of thousands of dollars worth of stuff is MIA after a cross-country move, and other items were damaged in what sounds like a nightmarish experience with a moving company … and now she’s got the cops involved.

The fitness guru left L.A. for Miami in early June, and hired FlatRate Moving and Storage to make it happen.

She told cops lots of clothes, tools and outdoor furniture were nowhere to be found — totaling $30,000 — and 80% of the items that arrived in the Sunshine State were damaged because of careless packing. She claims the company picked up the items in late March, they stored them in a storage facility for a few months, and on delivery day a bunch of things never arrived.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Jillian filed the report with Miami Gardens PD this week, claiming FlatRate stored her stuff at its facility in Miami Gardens. It’s unclear if she’s claiming the property was allegedly taken off the truck en route or allegedly stolen at the storage facility.

Jillian’s also lawyered up and plans to file a civil lawsuit against the movers.

As for the property she claims was stolen … police are on the case.

We’ve reached out to FlatRate Moving and Storage and a rep tells TMZ … “FlatRate Moving is grateful for all of the people and companies that continue to choose us to help them with their moves and privileged to be the moving company of choice for customers of notoriety such as Ms. Michaels.”

The rep continued, “FlatRate Moving has been in constant contact with Ms. Michaels and her representatives and is confident that we will reach an amicable resolution.”

We reached out to Jillian Michaels who tells us FlatRate has made zero effort to locate or replace any of the missing items and have been utterly non-cooperative in arriving at any solution on all fronts.

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