Jeremy Clarkson details biggest disaster after embarking on farming career Impossible

Kaleb Cooper says Jeremy Clarkson is a ‘friend’

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host Jeremy Clarkson has frequently updated fans on his journey to becoming a farmer. However, he has now shared his biggest downfall that he claims left pheasants “sweating”.

Wasabi? This was by far my biggest disaster

Jeremy Clarkson

The outspoken host purchased Diddly Squat Farm back in 2008 but opted to make it a full-time career just before the world plummeted into a global lockdown last year.

Jeremy, 61, admits that he “didn’t know anything” about farming, before saying that any previous insights came from the news.

After not having any knowledge of the farming industry, he aptly named his farm Diddly Squat after taking over from the previous owner.

Now, Jeremy’s lack of knowledge appears to have been putting him through the paces as he embarked on new products for his farm.

The Doncaster, South Yorks-born star revealed that he decided to grow Japanese horseradish, Wasabi.

However, the move left Jeremy out of pocket and with his head down in his hands after things didn’t take off.

Writing in his Sunday Times column last week, he said: “Wasabi? This was by far my biggest disaster, I noted the fact that only one chap in all of Britain was growing it and saw this as an opportunity rather than a warning that it might be impossible.

“It isn’t, if you really pay attention, round the clock, but I couldn’t do that because I had potatoes to sell and fish to save and wheat and barley and rape to grow, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? to host and The Grand Tour to write.”

The former Top Gear host went on to add: “As a result most of the wasabi was eaten by my pheasants, which then ran around squawking a lot. Have you ever seen a pheasant sweat? I have.

“A few plants survived and I tried to sell them to restaurants in London, but this plan failed, and when I put them in my shop most of the customers took one look and bought a sausage instead.”

In his farm shop, fans can purchase everything from gin to candles, as well as milk and meat from the farm.

Located in the Cotswolds, Diddly Squat also receives frequent visits from Jeremy’s famous neighbours.

Last month, his girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, admitted that she along with the other female workers on the farm are left blushing when one particular famous walks in.

David Beckham also opted to ditch London life for the idyllic Cotswolds and lives just down the road from Jeremy.

Lisa told The Sun on Sunday: “He comes in every Sunday with his daughter to get the milk.

“Yeah he’s great and he comes with his kids, it’s from the dairy down the road which is amazing.”

Last month, Jeremy admitted that despite viewers often seeing him shouting at people on screen, once cameras stop rolling, he is often the one being shouted at.

Speaking on Sky News’ Backstage podcast, he said: “I get shouted at all the time, I’m constantly being shouted at by newspapers and bosses, I’m always being shouted at.”

He went on to acknowledge that it’s “the usual” to see him on screens shouting at other people.

“But in real life, you get shouted out by people who know what they’re doing – I didn’t know what I was doing.”

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