Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity who has a diamond-shaped face…

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The two of you get off the elevator together where you both take a look around the city. You both comment about how you cant believe youre actually in New York City. When you reach the office building, you both take another look around at each other. You know, what I dont get is why it took me so long to see this place. I live in Ohio, and I just drove here last night on my way to New Orleans. I figured I could have just checked Google for directions. Jennifers got a mischievous grin on her face, probably because she knows what youre implying. Let me guess, youre here to pick up your boyfriend. I mean Ive always had a thing for him, but it wasnt until recently that I even thought about going out with him, let alone making a trip to New York. I mean it wasnt too much of a walk, and you could just take the Subway to get groceries and other things you probably didnt have time to buy for your home. You could even buy a house here. You stay hereThat sounds like a fine idea, but Im not leaving right now. That car, well it would take several minutes just to drive to the store. Okay, but youre never ever going to move into my house, no matter what I do. Youve got a bigger heart than I thought you did, friend. You dont need me to move anything for you. All you need is some time to yourself to think things through. You smile and nod, and you leave together. When you reach your room, you pull out your cell phone and take a look at your schedule. You notice that you have a flight to catch that evening. You call your mom and tell her youll be home late that night and she can pick you up. Instead you take in book after book about the history of New York. Jennifer seems to enjoy telling you about some of the characters in the stories and she tells many of them a little about themselves. You never realized how much you knew about her. She goes on about how she used to work as a cashier in the Times Square McDonalds and she says she used to think the strangest things.

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