Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out On Her 'Secret Fling' With Liam Hemsworth While He Was Still Dating Miley Cyrus!!

After years of speculation, it only took Andy Cohen to get Jennifer Lawrence to talk!

The Oscar winner stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Monday night to spill all things Bravo while promoting her new film No Hard Feelings. In the chat, the duo played a rousing game of Plead The Fifth, and J.Law did no pleading — she was down to tell her side of what really went down with Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth!

Video: Jennifer Lawrence Almost Had A Meltdown!! 

Andy cheekily inquired:

“When Miley Cyrus‘ song Flowers debuted, there was a lot of talk that the music video was referencing a secret fling that you had with Liam Hemsworth while he was with Miley Cyrus.”

Immediately Jennifer claimed it was not true and simply a rumor, saying:

“We all know Liam and I, like, kissed one time. It was years after they broke up. So I just assume was a coincidence. Are you satisfied?”

Watch the clip (below)!

She actually dished years ago on WWHL about their off-screen smooch, sharing:

“Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot. What would you have done?…Yeah, I have.”

LOLz, yeah we would have too!

But for real, the rumor had meat to it! In the music video, Miles appeared in a gold dress with cutouts which was SUPER similar to something the blockbuster actress wore to a Hunger Games premiere way back. Fans weren’t just pulling theories out of thin air with this one!

As you know, Jen is now married to her longtime art dealer beau Cooke Maroney, while Liam has been dating model Gabriella Brookes following his 2019 divorce from Miley.

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