Jenelle Evans: I Wish I Never Handed My Son Over to My Mom!

Jenelle Evans has a history of drug abuse.

She also married a seemingly violent man who trashes gay people and once broke her collarbone in a drunken rage and also admitted to killing her family’s dog.

And yet:

The former Teen Mom star apparently has no regrets when it comes to her addiction or her chosen mate.

Instead, when asked by a follower this week during an Instagram live session if she could change one thing about your past, what would it be, Jenelle replied as follows:

“Giving my mom temp. custody.”

Oh, well.

Okay then.

Barbara Evans, of course, has primary physical and legal custody of Jace.

Jenelle signed over custody of her oldest child way back in June of 2010 and has only had visitation rights (every other weekend or so) ever since.

In a court filing earlier this year, however, Jenelle tried to change things.

She alleged that her mother has grown incapable of caring for Jace… as evidenced by the boy supposedly trying to burn down his grandmother’s house!

In this filing obtained, Jenelle claimed there has been a “substantial change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the minor child” that warrants a change in the custody arrangement.

The former Teen Mom 2 star even alleged that Jace is “at risk of bodily injury” in the care of his grandmother.

As a result, Evans tried to push for an “emergency” change to her and Babara’s previous legal agreement.

This request was based on “increasingly worse behavior problems that cause [Jace] to be physically aggressive, out of control and unsafe,” wrote Jenelle at the time.

The mother of three didn’t provide any real evidence at the time, and Barbara denied any kind of wrongdoing.

But Jenelle insists her mom simply can’t keep Jace under control.

Moreover, she says Barbara was instructed by Jace’s health care provider “multiple times” to call a crisis hotline or go to the Emergency Department if Jace’s “aggression escalates.”

She never did so, though.

Here and there over the years, as you can see in the photo immediately above, Jenelle and Barbara maintained a very amicable relationship.

Jace had even been spending more and more time at her mother’s house in early 2021.

On December 19 of that year, Jenelle wrote the following in her court papers:

“The minor child physically assaulted [Barbara] twice causing injury to [Barbara.] The Minor child also burned the carpet because he was angry with [Barbara].”

In general, the paperwork states, “the minor child has a history of starting fires in the home of [Barbara].”

Due to these actions, Jenelle previously explained that Barbara started dropping Jace more frequently at his mother’s residence in North Carolina.

But then Jenelle claimed she had actually regained full custody of the child.

Barbara denied this was true, she took issue with Jenelle making such a public statement… and the pair have been at major odds ever since.

Jenelle, meanwhile, is also the parent to a six-year old son named Kaiser and a three-year old daughter named Ensley.

The latter recently accused dad David Eason of murdering some baby chicks, a charge he’s denied.

As you can see, however, things are going about how they normally go between Jenelle and her trio of children.

It’s all very sad.

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